Relaunching Kulinarya

Why Kulinarya?


Back in 2009, three Filipino foodies (Trish of Sugarlace, Katherine of A Cupcake or Two and Trissa of Trissalicious) came up with a concept of joining food bloggers around the world who share the same passion and love for the Filipino cuisine. Our plan was simple: connect food bloggers who share a common interest in cooking, writing, eating, and promoting Filipino dishes and the Philippines in general. We believe that food unites people of both the same and different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. And through our cooking, we wanted to share the beauty, passion, and colour of the Philippines and its people.

Our group grew to international proportions – literally! People started talking about Filipino food thanks to mainstream media and the passion of Filipino chefs, cooks, writers, bloggers and personalities. KCC became too big for any of us to handle and as quickly as it grew, it fizzled out even quicker. We had a bit of a quiet spell in the last few years, but lately decided to give it another go. Our passion is still there, if not bigger. So, on November 2015 – we’ve decided to relaunch Kulinarya.

The concept is still the same: promote the Filipino culture in any way we can through its food, people, and places. We’re reaching out to all Filipino food bloggers out there who share this passion.

Keen to know more? Hop on to Contribute page to learn how you can be part of our Kulinarya dream.