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Ready to join the fun? Signing up is a breeze! Just fill out the form below and one of the Kulinarya Cooking Club administrators will contact you.

We would appreciate if you can take your time in reading through our Rules of Engagement before joining the Kulinarya Cooking Club:



1. All members must have food blogs. We showcase our recipes through this medium and a way of sharing our culinary experiences is through the food blogs. As much as we love to have all members aboard, there is just a level of activity vs inactivity that we need to balance. All other members without food blogs who still wish to see KCC themes and recipes can certainly access KCC: simply follow our food blogs.
2. All members must have posted a KCC theme recipe at least once every quarter. Moderators will be patrolling the blogs for inactivity. All other inactive clients will be deleted.
3. All members will go on a roster to come up with the theme for the month. You will be partnered with another KCC member so feel free to be as creative as possible.
4. All monthly themes must still be traced back to Filipino cuisine. We are promoting the wonderful world of Filipino cuisine and this is our chance to shine!
5. You do not have to be Pinoy to join KCC. But, you must cook a dish that still encompasses the Filipino cuisine.
6. Email etiquette: please use the KCC emails for KCC related emails only. As much as we would love to discuss all Filipino food-related topics under the sun, the group is growing and we just need some crowd control. So KCC group emails are for KCC theme related emails, KCC theme post promotion (where you can send your url for a KCC theme post), and KCC notifications. Please do not email other blog posts unless it’s a KCC theme post.

So now that we’ve established the rules, feel free to complete our form!