Why Kulinarya?

Back in 2009, three Filipino foodies (Trish of Sugarlace, Katherine of A Cupcake or Two and Trissa of Trissalicious) came up with a concept of joining food bloggers around the world who share the same passion and love for the Filipino cuisine. Our plan was simple: connect food bloggers who share a common interest in cooking, writing, eating, and promoting Filipino dishes and the Philippines in general. We believe that food unites people of both the same and different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. And through our cooking, we wanted to share the beauty, passion, and colour of the Philippines and its people.

Our group grew to international proportions – literally! People started talking about Filipino food thanks to mainstream media and the passion of Filipino chefs, cooks, writers, bloggers and personalities. KCC became too big for any of us to handle and as quickly as it grew, it fizzled out even quicker. We had a bit of a quiet spell in the last few years, but lately decided to give it another go. Our passion is still there, if not bigger. So, on November 2015 – we’ve decided to relaunch Kulinarya.

The concept is still the same: promote the Filipino culture in any way we can through its food, people, and places. We’re reaching out to all Filipino food bloggers out there who share this passion.

Keen to know more? Hop on to Contribute page to learn how you can be part of our Kulinarya dream.

About Us


Trish is a 30 year old food blogger from Sydney, Australia. She originally grew up in Manila, Philippines from a Filipino-Chinese heritage. She grew up somewhat familiar to the Filipino culture, and yet still a foreigner of her own country – a gaping hole that certainly fueled her passion to learn more about the Philippines a few years later on (and eventuated to starting Kulinarya). During the day, Trish works in the corporate world as a clinical consultant, project manager and registered nurse. In her off days, she’s a cook, baker, cake-maker, coffee and brunch lover, wine and whisky aficionado. Trish can also be found in her personal blog Sugarlace.



Christine is a twenty-something food blogger and chef student from Sydney. Christine is a firm believer that life is more fun when you take joy from the simple things in life, especially when it comes to food. When it comes right down to it, there are few things that are more luxuriously indulgent than a piece of crusty sourdough bread with good cultured butter, a perfectly poached fresh egg and a few flakes of salt? A handful of fresh strawberries dipped in warm melted chocolate, a good cup of tea or a bowl of rice paired with salty fried fish – there are few things I find more comfort from in this kind of food. And why not? Cooking with fewer ingredients to me encourages us to be more creative and often works out to be friendlier on the budget and healthier to boot. Her food philosophy is all about creating simple, fail safe recipes that anyone can make and enjoy at home. Christine can also be found in her personal blog Cooking Crusade.



Trissa is a banker by day and frustrated cook the rest of the time – Trissa would one day love to remove the “n” from her day job. Trissa grew up running around the kitchens of her mother and grandmother, both of whom jointly managed one of the Philippines’ most established Spanish restaurants.  Trissa likes to think of herself as a “passionate amateur of anything food” and spends all her money on cooking lessons and cookbooks.   Trissa chronicles her food (mis)adventures through her blog, Trissalicious, where she cooks almost anything and everything that catches her fancy. Trissa can also be found in her personal blog Trissalicious.



Katherine is a foodie and wannabe jet setter who is passionate about her culture and it’s cuisine. She believes that food brings people together. Her blog is about her adventures in the kitchen and sharing her families most loved recipes. Katherine can also be found in her personal blog A Cupcake or Two.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. I am an American Fillipino who was born in the Manila who moved to US at the early age of 5 yrs old. I am now married to an American with two growing children. I am an avid cook but I lack the knowledge of Fillipino cooking. I’m hoping to obtain great recipes that I can start cooking up in my cucina!

  2. i’m glad i stumbled upon your cooking club! i am a filipino living in the US since i was 5 years old. i love cooking filipino food but could always use more recipes!

  3. Hi – I am hoping to contact keen Filippino cooks urgently for an upcoming television series in Australia – could you please provide an email address where I can reach you?
    Kind regards,

  4. I’m looking for Filipino recipes online and found the blog of your members. Is there anyone living in Los Angeles, CA? I’d like to feature them in my website.

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

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